About Us

Dedicated Property Management Services



Shalimar Management Corp. (SMC) is a full-service residential and commercial real estate company that owns and manages several residential apartments and commercial buildings throughout Manhattan.

 We always remain dedicated to providing our tenants with the excellent quality of care they deserve. As a family owned business, we provide our valued tenants with personalized services every step of the way. Tenants can contact us to discuss their concerns. We always handle every tenant inquiry or request in a prompt manner to ensure our tenants feel valued and supported.


Founded over 35 years ago, Shalimar Management Corp. is a high-performance management company with a reputation for overseeing the development and operation of distinctive rental properties in New York City.


SMC proactively oversees all of its properties in order to retain optimum presentation and value. Their portfolio consists of low-mid-rise apartment buildings, and commercial sites. Shalimar specializes in creating unique living spaces which embody a contemporary atmosphere in exterior and interior design with regard to the integrity of the property’s architectural heritage